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Explore your creativity through a guided painting class with Artist Kristine Izak! 
The emphasis during these courses is on spontaneity and self-expression rather than formal technique. No painting experience necessary!  Participants are encouraged to trust their instincts, connect to their emotions through the use of color and mark making, and to allow the creative process to unfold organically. Kristine will lead you through a designed framework of steps, with thought provoking prompts and inquiries. You will gain confidence using the brush as an extension of your innate creative impulse. At the conclusion of the session, you will have a painting to take home, that embodies your unique personal journey! Each course is designed by Kristine with a specific intention and focus. New courses will be added throughout the year.


Are you interested in letting go of expectations, over thinking and perfectionism?
This experience is about the process, not the end result. 
Does going with the flow and releasing control sound a bit scary, but exciting?
Treat yourself to an uplifting and inspiring experience 

and come spend some KAIROS time with like-minded creative spirits!


A KAIROS Intuitive Painting Experience includes:
   3 hours of guided painting instruction, encouragement and inspiration.

   A 16x20 stretched canvas that you will paint and take home with you.
   The use of all supplies including acrylic paints, brushes, and smocks.
   Personal Mini-Journal to take notes and record your thoughts, feelings and insights. 
   Herbal Organic Tea and Chocolate Assortment yummy tummy table.

   A specially curated Painting Soundtrack to infuse the creative space with good vibes.
   Intimate class sizes - limited to 8 participants.

   (Private painting parties in your space available. Individual and groups.)


Paint a beautiful flower with me and see what blossoms! 

I designed this course after using a painting session to help myself evaluate where I was and where I wanted to be within certain aspects of my life. During the session I was able to pinpoint some thought patterns that weren’t serving me well. By the end I felt encouraged and empowered. I was determined to bypass the limiting self-talk that was on replay, holding me back.  I have refined the process I followed that day over the past year into the “BLOOM” course. I am excited to share it with others, and I hope that they will enjoy using it as a self-help tool as I did. I like to imagine that we are exotic, unique tropical flowers that bloom forever. At any age and stage in life there is more “self” to discover, nurture, appreciate and love!

We never stop growing, right?!


The central motif in the painting is a flower, but it will be created in a unique way. I purposely am leaving a photo out of the course description, because a pre-determined outcome stifles the magic! I have shared this process many times and I am still in awe at how beautifully each painting "blooms". What is more important though, are the insights and epiphanies gained during the process. Is this all work and no play? Silencing the inner critic will be the most challenging part of the class! What makes it fun? Playing with paint and color and enjoying the free flow of energy from your body, through the brush to the canvas. It is exhilarating!  
I would love to inspire you to relax, experience that joy and BLOOM!


Come share some KAIROS time with me!
Blessings, Kristine

Contact me for costs, individual prices and group discounts.


From caterpillar to butterfly! This 2 hour painting experience is designed especially for young girls to promote self-esteem, confidence and healthy body image.

This course uses the symbolism of metamorphosis as a framework for the creation of the painting. Participants will be encouraged to express their feelings and thoughts through color choices and mark making. At the conclusion, the painting will reflect a positive perspective and symbolize newly gained insights and affirmations.

This 2 hour course uses a 14 inch square canvas, that is ready to hang once completed. 

* Dancer images and references to dance class and being a dance student may be included for dance studio parties.

This course can be adapted for children ages 10 and up, teens and young adults. Please contact me for more information!

Contact me
for costs, individual prices and group discounts.
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