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Me and my muse...

When I call myself an "artist" I think of my creative life as a whole and how each of my passions has fueled the other.  A web of inspiration includes my years of dance training and teaching, my choreography, my garden, my poems and stories, my graphic design, and not least among these, my drawing and painting. Each thread of this web has grown and connected to the others in it's own time and with my deliberate and sometimes not so deliberate focus.
I can't remember as what age I started dancing - but I think every child dances naturally. I can't remember picking up my first pencil or crayon, but I know every child is thrilled to make their first mark. I was fortunate to have encouraging parents and a grandmother artist. Every step and every mark were works of art in their eyes. How can a child not thrive with such encouragement?!

Inspiration for most of my paintings comes from the natural world, and how I feel myself moving through it. Flow, energy, vibration and resonance are words I would use to describe what I feel when I am painting. My newer pieces have expanded from our world and humanity, into musings of the universe, universal consciousness, and beyond.

Currently I am studying Intentional Creativity, with Shiloh Sophia of The process she teaches is quite wondrous and has been the catalyst for my work since 2020. Each painting has taken me through doorways to deeper self awareness. Those journeys happen to produce really interesting art, but that is secondary to the transformative influence of them in my life.

I have made a symbolic shift in signing my paintings KAI rather than KIzak. I feel it marks this new stage in my creative journey. 

I am excited to share my work with you, and hope you are inspired by what you see here. I believe each painting and every encounter with my art is fated. The story you see has been waiting for you!

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Blessings to you and thanks for visiting!

- Kristine

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