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My first International juried painting exhibit!

So honored to be a part of this virtual show at Musea! The theme is “Women Woven Together” and my painting entitled ”What They Held, We Hold” was accepted along with 59 other brilliant works by women artists. Visit to see the full exhibit!

“What would our Ancestors want for us? They couldn’t have imagined the complexity of our lives at this time on Earth. I close my eyes and feel them behind me, holding me, whispering in my ear that love is all. With arms outstretched I reach for communion. Where are the stars in you? Where are the stars in me? They are the same stars in my mother and mother’s mother, and in the mother of all mothers that we share. Oh, that first star, like a rose unfolding for eternity! It holds us all and we hold on, and our bodies are able to connect and heal together through a love for all of humankind. - Kristine Izak 2021”

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